Blind Brook Locked Out in Reaction to Sandy Hook Shooting

After school activities were cancelled.

Update, Friday, 5:30 p.m.

All schools in the Blind Brook school district were under a lock out today and after school activities were all cancelled. The school district announced the lock out this afternoon in reaction to the deadly shooting at a Newton, Ct. elementary school. 

Under the lock out, no one was allowed into the school, but classes were held and students were dismissed as usual, said Superintendent William Stark. 

"The lock out ended with dismissal," Stark said. "We announced it when information was still unclear if there was another person involved in the shooting. Now it appears the (Sandy Hook school) was targeted."

The lock out was only a precaution, Stark said. There was no threat to the school. 

Reports from Newtown say that 27 people have been killed in this morning's shootings at Sany Hook Elementary School — with 18 children believed to have been killed.

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