Blind Brook Invites Community to Career Day

A message from the Blind Brook School District.

The Blind Brook High School Congress—composed of students, faculty, parents, administrators, school board members and school related personnel—will be sponsoring a Career Day February 1, 2013, from 7:40 am to 9:20 am. Our goal is to expose high school students to a broad range of occupations as they begin considering their career options and their future fields of study. 

We are inviting members of the community to participate in Career Day by coming in to Blind Brook High School and talking with groups of students about their work. We are particularly interested in first-hand knowledge of the kind of work you do, the educational preparation for your work, your typical workday, the future outlook for this kind of work, and any other insights you can share.

If you can help us out, we’d love to hear from you. Please let us know if you would be available to join us.   Your participation can help make this a meaningful day for all our students.

Please click on the link below to complete the volunteer form:


You can also email Congress at bbhscongress@blindbrook.org with any further questions.



BBHS Congress Career Day Committee

Brian Becker, Chair of Career Day Committee Elise Ryan, Faculty Advisor



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