Alvarez: Rye HS Post 'Clearly Intended to Discredit and Embarrass'

Rye schools' superintendent defended Rye High School's principal in response to a post on Patch that levels serious accusations.

Dr. Frank Alvarez (Patch file photo)
Dr. Frank Alvarez (Patch file photo)
A public boards post to the Rye Patch made serious allegations that denounced Rye High School Principal Patricia Taylor. The posting, which denounced Taylor's performance and was made under the name of "Mary Grace," has garnered scores of social media shares and more than two dozen comments since it appeared. Superintendent of schools Dr. Frank Alvarez has posted the following response on the Rye City District School's website and it has been emailed to the faculty and staff.

Message from Superintendent Frank Alvarez

It has been brought to my attention that a blog recently posted comments from an anonymous individual regarding Mrs. Patricia Taylor, Rye High School Principal. The posting is clearly intended to discredit and embarrass Mrs. Taylor. 
As a district, we consistently assess all serious, legitimate complaints. But absent any credible evidence or the opportunity for a face-to-face discussion to understand the issues fully, allegations such as those posted on the blog lack substance.  Any complaints, if legitimate, should be addressed to the Superintendent of Schools.  I am always happy to meet and discuss matters that are of concern to our school community.      
For the record, I believe that Mrs. Taylor is performing effectively during an incredibly challenging time for public education.  New teacher performance assessments, more rigorous testing and fiscal constraints create stressful challenges for our schools.  More than at any other time in our history, school leaders are asked to balance a number of high level priorities while attending to the increasing social and emotional needs of our student population. Mrs. Taylor has continued to demonstrate her ability to meet these challenges.
Jack K. December 17, 2013 at 08:58 PM
Dr. Alvarez it is alleged that most of the items listed in the public forum on Rye Patch have been brought to your attention long before this blog was published. It is alleged that people have spoken to you in person about their concerns and have shared serious issues and allegations for you to explore and investigate. Is this true? What were your findings? What did your "investigations" turn out? Did you let the Board of Ed know? It would be in everyone's best interest for the facts to come out and isn't that what everyone is looking for? The facts. The real truth.
Committee for Election Equality December 17, 2013 at 11:43 PM
A short while ago, I was reading the comments on the various posts on the subject of the Principal of Rye High School. In one of the comments, I noticed that a one Kate Longo took it upon herself to insert my business email signature and disclaimer in one of her comments without my authorization. Equally disturbing, she took it upon herself to insert a one line disparaging remark about certain school officials making it seem like I was the author. This comment is a FRAUD, this email is a FRAUD. To be clear, as to Principal Taylor, and the various allegations brought against her, I have no standing at Rye High School, do not know Principal Taylor, and therefore take no position on the matter. As to Dr. Alvarez, I have some familiarity with him, and while I question his actions and in-actions in the reassigned teachers matters, I have no standing in the elementary schools, and therefore take no position on the matter. As to Principal Garcia, I do know her, and any question of actions and in-actions in the reassigned teachers matters is subject to conjecture, I have no standing in the elementary schools, and therefore take no position on the matter. I have given Kate Longo 24 hours to delete her fraudulent post that disparages my character and add to that demand her apology to Principal Taylor, Dr. Alvarez, and Principal Garcia for her unwise action with my email signature and disclaimer without my authorization or knowledge.
Eric Kamander December 18, 2013 at 02:45 PM
By claiming "the posting is clearly intended to discredit and embarrass Mrs. Taylor." Alvarez dismisses even the possibility that it is a legitimate complaint. And though he says he is "always happy to meet and discuss matters that are of concern to our school community" anyone who has attended any recent school board meeting can clearly see that he is misleading and evasive, and specifically unwilling to discuss anything that could remotely, even if not legitimately, classified as a personnel matter. Interesting that this post does not link to the original: http://t.co/PC2Q7p9Dqt
Anne McCarthy December 18, 2013 at 03:16 PM
Well said Mr. Kamander. Anyone who has been to a Board meeting or written a letter to the Superintendent knows Dr. Alvarez is being disingenuous. Ironically, a Board of Ed meeting is the last place you could have a conversation about these issues. Media sites like these are our only outlet at this point. Please, continue to post with names, not anonymously.


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