Meeting Wrap-Up: Rye and Rye Brook Face Flooding

Wrap-Up of Rye City Council and Rye Brook Village Board meetings this week. Flooding and other matters.

Flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Irene dominated discussion at both the Village Board of Rye Brook and Rye City Council regular meetings this week.

Rye City Council held a special session that lasted nearly 90 minutes before their regular meeting consisting mostly of an overview from City Manager Scott Pickup. 

The City Council will also hold a special meeting Friday at 4 p.m. to consider changes to the local Flood Damage Prevention laws.

In Rye Brook, the Village Board invited engineer Dolph Rotfeld to recap the effectiveness of their 2010 storm retention basin and present his perspective on future strategies.

And since Blind Brook runs through both municipalities, it was not surprising that a call for regional efforts ended up coming from both discussions. While residents were obviously concerned about preventing future damage to their property, most felt public employees in both areas had done as much as possible leading up to, during and after the storms.

Flashes of frustration emerged about the long timelines and governmental red tape that must be cut to get any public works projects underway to effectively stem Blind Brook flooding at its cause. It was deja vu all over again as residents at both meetings recalled previous studies and proposals recommending dam projects at SUNY Purchase-Anderson Hill Road from as far back as the early 1970s that still languish undone.

But other matters were discussed at both meetings, here's a rundown:

Rye Brook

  • Discussion of the Belle Fair amendment continues; the matter has been adjourned until the October 11th meeting.
  • Paul D'Amore of Bronxville has been hired as a Rye Brook Police Officer at a salary of $47,978 salary; his start date is October 3, 2011.
  • The Columbus Day committee was granted $800. The event will be held on October 9, rain date October 16.
  • Fitness Boot Camp will charge a fee of $289 per person.
  • There will be a public hearing at the next village board meeting on October 24 to consider changes to 250, 219 and 209 of the Village Code. The Village Board has declared itself lead agency.
  • A bid of $79,697 was accepted for renovations at AJP Center.


  • A zoning change at 1031, 1037 and 1051 Boston Post Road was unanimously defeated. The parcel will be offered for sale under its current B-1 Neighborhood Business District and "C" Parking District designation
  • Joseph A. Maria will be contracted at $215 per hour to represent the city in the Article 78 Petition Runes v. Board of Assessment Review and City Assessor.
  • Harris Beach PLLC has been authorized, on behalf of the City of Rye, to challenge a negative DEC declaration in the Beaver Swamp Brook administrative proceeding. Rate will be $215 per hour.
  • City Manager Scott Pickup has been authorized to clarify the Administrative Professionals Group (APG) policy. At the next meeting on September 25, the council will vote on a specific recommendation to extend health care eligibilty to the family of a city employee who dies in the line of service; spouse to be covered to the age of Medicare eligibility  and children to age of adulthood.
  • City manager has been authorized to enter into Intermunicipal Agreement for an Employee Assistance Program.
  • Funds of $38,296 was authorized for RCTV to purchase a digital production switcher and monitor.
  • Recreation department has approval to hold Turkey Run on Thanksgiving weekend.
  • The date of the November City Council meeting has been changed from the 7th to the 9th to avoid conflict with Election Day.
Laus Deo August 11, 2012 at 02:42 PM
"Harris Beach PLLC has been authorized, on behalf of the City of Rye, to challenge a negative DEC declaration in the Beaver Swamp Brook administrative proceeding. Rate will be $215 per hour." The City of Rye also pays Harris Beach $215/hr to act in direct violation of NY State Law. A fact confirmed, on video, by NYS Officials: http://www.lausdeo10580.com/lausdeo10580/2012/08/ny-state-official-confirms-city-of-rye-attorney-kristen-wilson-acting-in-violation-of-law.html


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