William Connors Is Retiring

Now that William Connors is retiring; there will be big shoes to fill and people will have to step it up a bit.

William Connors/Photo courtesy of: Rye City Manager Scott Pickup
William Connors/Photo courtesy of: Rye City Manager Scott Pickup

William Connors-Rye Police Commissioner for the past thirteen years will be retiring on Thursday, January 16th, 2014.

Previous to joining Rye as a Police Commissioner, Connors worked in the New York Police Department for twenty years and retired from there. When Connors retired from there his title was Inspector, Executive Officer of the Office of the First Deputy Commissioner.


Connors grew up in New York City, he began to work security at night while he was in Law School. Upon graduation,he entered into police work and when he retired from the New York Police Department he moved to Rye.

According to Rye City Manager, Scott Pickup, “This is a high stress job and Bill hasn’t figured out what he will be doing just yet. He sold his house in Rye, and is not sure if he plans to re-locate just yet. The past few years have been rough with the floods and hurricanes, Hurricane Sandy in particular.”


Pickup noted that Rye was without power for two full weeks during Hurricane Sandy.


Pickup said, ”Bill never took a day off and worked for a month straight and worked 16-20 hours a day. We staffed the Emergency Operations Center together. Bill can now take some time and re-charge his batteries.”


When asked if there will be a retirement party for Connors, Pickup stated that,” Bill is a quiet competent person who doesn’t want to call attention to himself.”


“Bill has a great sense of humor, I will personally miss him even during some of the crazy situations.” said Pickup.

RyeDad January 15, 2014 at 08:39 AM
To Rye Patch: ====================================== Some corrections about Connors are in order. ====================================== Connors didn't officially retire from the NYPD until September 2001. No one from the City of Rye has explained how Connors was able to work in Rye from January 2001 while still employed by the NYPD until September 2001. This sounds illegal. ====================================== Connors didn't move to Rye until he was working here for 1+ years. Prior to that he commuted from Orange County. He didn't move here until the City of Rye (Novak) gave him the $80,000 down payment plus moving expenses to do so. ====================================== If Connors didn't take a day off for a month it was probably because he was working on the side for former City Manager Novak out in Cincinnati or for Rye's labor attorney Vince Toomey out in Suffolk County. ====================================== Good riddance to this piece of garbage.
john g flynn March 01, 2014 at 08:53 PM
There is nothing more disgusting then having someone post vile comments on this medium while they hide behind an anonymous name . RyeDad , Man up if your going to slander someone and give your real name as you'll get more respect and perhaps some legal actions taken against you . I personally think your a piece of Garbage for your behavior .


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