Playland's Parking Lot - Right Place For a "Field Zone?"
Playland's Parking Lot - Right Place For a "Field Zone?"
The Westchester County Board of Legislators will hold another weekly informational meeting with Sustainable Playland this week on Tues. April 1st  at 9:00am.

This two hour meeting is specifically dedicated to the review and discussion of legal & SEQR issues (State Environmental Quality Review).

The committee reviewing the "Playland Improvement Plan" ("PIP") submitted by Sustainable Playland in Sept. of 2013 and altered yet again in early March 2014 is the "Labor, Parks, Planning & Housing Committee" chaired by Legislator Peter Harckham.

All of these Committee meetings are open to the public, however only for the public to listen and observe. There is no portion of these meetings set aside for public questions or comments. Please feel free to attend and take notes.

These meetings are broadcast live  over the internet, as well as taped for later viewing online.  You can click here to find the agenda and link to view online.

If you wish to attend in person be sure to bring a photo ID as you need to go through a security check downstairs in the lobby prior to being allowed up to the 8th floor conference room.

Click here to view the March 20th, 2014 letter sent by the City of Rye to Westchester County regarding zoning, legal and SEQR concerns.

For more information on this issue or to sign the online petition to STOP SPI's construction of a massive indoor/outdoor sports facility in the middle of Playland's parking lot go to:

Deirdre Curran April 01, 2014 at 11:07 AM
Well. THAT was fast. Meetings usually run about two hours, this one was over in less than fifteen minutes. Recap: March 31, 2014 (yesterday) SPI sent a letter to Astorino's office saying, "...the legal actions mentioned above throw into question the County's entire approval process and we cannot continue with the PIP review unless these issues are resolved." They are talking about the SECOND lawsuit Legislator Ken Jenkins filed in December and the letter from Rye dated 3/20/14. Then this morning Kevin Plunkett sent a letter to Pete Harckham's committee saying that based on that letter from SPI "the Administration does not believe a meaningful discussion can take place at today's scheduled committee meeting. Without SPI present, it is inappropriate to discuss the PIP." Then Pete Harckham's Committee agreed to table the whole thing and suspend review of the PIP until a later time. So...
Deirdre Curran April 01, 2014 at 12:15 PM
Oh, and BTW - rather than show up to let everyone know that this is where they stand, SPI was (again) a no-show for a Legislative Committee meeting they were called to be at. They bowed out by submitting a letter. Classy. If that were my plan and I were trying to sell it, I would have been there in person to go over this with the Legislators. The head of Central Amusements was in the room. Julie Killian, Laura Brett and Terry McCartney were in the room. Anyone from SPI? NOPE. No one.
tedc April 01, 2014 at 01:24 PM
Curious. I guess no one called ahead. Deirdre what did Msss Killian & Brett & Mr. McCartney do at this session? Did they address the legislators - speak to individual legislators?


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