Rye Police Drills in School; Shakespeare at RAC

Five things you need to know this week, Feb. 19-22.

  1. Winter Break

Rye and Blind Brook school districts are on winter break this week. Enjoy the week home with the kids! 

 2. Police Drills in Rye Schools

The Rye Police Department will be conducting emergency management maneuvers in Rye City schools this week. A drill will be conducted at Milton School on Friday, February 22, when schools are closed for mid-winter recess. Additionally, walkthroughs will be carried out at Midland and Osborn Schools during this time.  

3. Please Like Us, Follow Us

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 4. Rye City School District Goals Approved

Last week, the RCSD Board approved the District Goals for 2012-2013. The five goals, which were presented in January, are as follows: Student Achievement, Culture of Caring, Teacher Effectiveness, Community Engagement, and Fiscal Responsibility. The strategic priorities associated with the goals were refined and will be available on the District website, www.ryeschools.org, in the near future.

5. Shakespeare Workshops at RAC

Shakespeare workshops started at the Rye Arts Center on Feb. 16 and will continue through March. The series illuminate Shakespeare’s plays and teach participants about the hidden dynamics at work in each play and how to come to a greater understanding of the lives and language of the characters. Read more here. 

Dan Seidel February 19, 2013 at 10:58 AM
Oh Look: White Plains is holding police drills in the schools too! fat chance. Bye Clouet! good riddance! you are now Tarrytown's problem - HAHAHAHA! they pay a lot for....... really no good reason. The agent made out though, eh? Like a stock broker - the client does not matter - it's the point or two commish that counts! and WP SCHOOLS ARE STILL UNSECURED!


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