Editor's Notebook: Week in Review

A recap of this week's top stories on Rye Patch.

This week on Rye Patch, we had the first video in our series celebrating Rye's 350th anniversary. Tom Nycz interviewed residents and public officials such as Rye Mayor Doug French and Rye Town Supervisor Joseph Carvin about why they love living in Rye. Their answers were what we've heard time and time again from those who live here--that Rye is a great place to raise a family with a great sense of community. Stay tuned over the next few months for more stories celebrating this milestone.

We also debuted a new monthly feature called the Secret of My Success. Our first subject was Councilwoman and business owner Catherine Parker. Parker opened Parker's, a travel and lifestyle store on Purchase Street, in 1996. Maintaining a successful business for close to 15 years is an accomplishment, especially in this economy, so Parker had a lot of interesting advice for readers about how to achieve success in their own lives. We'll be featuring different residents every month in our success column, so if you're interested in being interviewed, email satta@patch.com for more info.

Another story this week that has generated some feedback was our story on bike lanes in Rye Brook. Lauren Futter, a young Rye Brook resident, wrote Mayor Joan Feinstein a letter asking the village to consider creating bike lanes on King Street, Anderson Hill Road and Lincoln Avenue. Though bike lanes are environmentally friendly because they allow for green transportation, it seems unlikely that Futter will get her wish. Many of the roads suggested for the lanes run through other municipalities, and as some residents have pointed out in comments on the story, some of the roads pose a safety concern for cyclists.

We also wrote about Silly Bandz, rubber bracelets that have become a craze in middle schools across the country. Osborn School has place restrictions on the number of bracelets students can wear because in some cases they can affect circulation if students wear too many. One middle schooler in Rye, Catherine Eagan, a 12-year-old student at Resurrection School, said that she has lost circulation in her hand from wearing too many bracelets: "All of a sudden I couldn't feel my fingers," Eagan said. "Some of the bracelets are in mini size for smaller kids but that isn't always clear on the package." 

We ended the week with photo galleries of proms at Blind Brook High School and Rye High School. Hundreds of students dressed in their fanciest dresses and best tuxedos for the most festive night of their high school experience. Our galleries have more than 100 pictures, so there's plenty to see. 

If you're not our Facebook fan or Twitter follower yet, become one. We've even created an incentive for our readers by sponsoring a contest.  Those who become a fan or follower are eligible to win a Starbucks gift card and Patch swag. Don't miss out!

We've covered lots more this weekend, so feel free to search the site for other engaging stories from the past week. Rye Patch will be your source for everything that is happening in the Rye area---from local government and school board meetings to sports and arts and entertainment.

We'll be doing a "Week in Review" every Sunday, so if you missed anything during the week, we've got you covered.


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