Cash Mob to Descend on Rye's Blush Tuesday

Bring $20, join the fun and support local businesses.

Renee Drummond, owner of Rhythm in Rye Too Consignment Shop, invites the public to the first ever "Cash Mob" on Purchase Street on Tuesday afternoon.

A cash mob is a group of residents getting together to support a local business and to socialize with each other and merchants. 

This is the first cash mob Rye will host. All are welcome to join the group at Rythm in Rye at 85 Purchase Street at 4 p.m. The mob will then all head to the first "cash mob" beneficiary, with $20 in hand to "spread the fun."

People have been forming cash mobs all over the country, mostly using Facebook as the organizing platform.

Here is a message Drummond has handed out around town:

"The goal is to periodically visit a local small business with a surprise "cash mob"- a large group of people goes in all at once, and spends a little money on what that business has to offer, be it merchandise, food, drink or whatever. It is that easy. By supporting small, locally owned businesses, we can help out those that make Rye, NY the unique area that it is."

renee drummond November 22, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Thanks for this post Patch... and you support... Your voice helps grow our word out..


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