RAC Recognizes Students Dedicated to Practice

Dozens of students dedicated 20 days or more to practicing their instruments this November.

The Rye Arts Center recognized 44 students who participated in The Music School Practice Marathon, by dedicating themselves to practicing their instruments 20 days out of the month in November.

"Very much like marathoners gearing up for a big race," said RAC Director Helen Gates. "Partcipants gain the skills and confidence to perform in front of a live audience. We're proud of all our music students," Gates said. 

Below are the names of students who were recognized in the RAC newsletter and who performed at recitals earlier this month. 

Isabella Abbott

Olivia Abbott

Diana Ausejo

Madison Barber

Carter Barford

Harry Barringer

Hannah Boehlke

 Kayla Bowles

Ava Cannon

Jack Childs

Madeleine Childs

Kevin Collins

Brendan Daly

Harrison Du

Tess Eberhardt

Alexis Francis

Elina Francis

Nicole Francis

Blake Garrett

Mattia Gibbs

Taylor Girard

Andrew Glener

Bailey Goodman

Ava Hoogstra

Aya Imanishi

Haruto Imanishi

Tyler Justic

Elizabeth Kavanagh

Lauren Kim

Maya Kini

Caroline Kirby

Charlie Madigan

Kaitlyn McGuire

Maeve McGuire

Marcel Melendez

Paul Montagna

Francisiek Pauwels

Zoe Whitehead Rockas

Ellen Scully

Margaret Scully

Sydney Sharma

James Stanley

Yui Tanigawa

Gilles Theunissen


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