Rye Record Needs To Print A Retraction & Apology

The last issue of the Rye Record contained a front page article written by Bill Lawyer that was supposedly a journalistic "report" on Sustainable Playland's December presentation to the community at the Rye Library. I could take issue with so many points in that piece that it would take me a week to go through it, so I'm going to focus on just this one.

Here is the email sent to Rye Record Owner/Publisher Robin Jovanovich this morning, after an initial email expressing concern prior to the holiday week to which she replied to me that Bill Lawyer is a "first rate researcher".

Robin, thank you for your reply. I hope you had a good holiday season and are now ready to get back to business. I hope that you receive this in time to print a full retraction as well as an apology to not only myself, but also to Catherine Parker and Nick Everett front and center in the next issue of the Rye Record for the inaccurate representation of things never said at the SPI December presentation to the community.

I won't even get into how ridiculously lop-sided and biased in favor of Sustainable Playland this "news article" written by Bill Lawyer and passed off (apparently) as "journalism" was, or how insulting the very headline was to attendees. It's unfortunately par for the course with your local publication and I'm not sure you understand how badly allowing pieces like this affects your local credibility.

What I *will* take exception to is the flat-out fabrication Bill Lawyer comes up with about two thirds of the way down the article, in a line all by itself:

"Deirdre Curran alleged that both Catherine Parker and Nick Everett have conflicts of interest."

See link to online article here:


This simply never happened.

I challenge you, Bill Lawyer and Mr. McDermott to sit down together, watch this entire video together and tell me at exactly what minute mark it is that I stood up and said ANYTHING let alone made any allegations pertaining to Nick Everett and Catherine Parker. It never happened that night, yet it was reported here as a factual event having taken place at the Library presentation.

Video doesn't lie:http://www.ryetv.org/12132013-749

While I may have expressed dis-satisfaction at other times with Catherine Parker's unfortunate support for SPI, I have never alleged that she has any "conflict of interest". While I have definitely expressed my opinion in other venues that I do in fact believe Nick Everett has a conflict of interest by serving as Chairman of the Planning Commission while simultaneously sitting as an Executive VP on the board of AP Construction, the company listed on SPI's web site as a "Consultant", I did not stand up at the SPI Library event in December and ask any questions regarding this issue, nor did I stand up and publicly make any such allegations. 

Based on what I've seen, I would classify Bill Lawyer as far - FAR - from a "first rate researcher". He simply made this up, plain and simple. It is a disservice to your readers to print this and a disservice to myself and the other individuals mentioned. In trying to make me look bad, he has dragged Ms. Parker and Mr. Everett into things.

I am respectfully demanding a retraction in both the print and online editions of the next Rye Record, including an apology to myself, Ms. Parker and Mr. Everett for this erroneous statement of non-fact from both yourself as Publisher and Mr. Lawyer as the "Journalist" who wrote this piece.

Deirdre Curran
HEALtheHARBOR.com January 07, 2014 at 08:53 AM
Deirdre, Welcome to my world! Here is a link where the Jovanovich’s tried to use their local paper to involve me in what was supposed to be stolen property. Turns out it never was. In the fifth paragraph Robin states: “Rumors have been swirling that the piece of equipment in question had been sold or given to Hen Island resident Ray Tartaglione, who keeps a boat at the marina. The rumor remains just that at press time.” I wonder if Robin (the owner of the newspaper) got the rumor whispered in her ear by the Deputy Mayor (her Husband) as she was going to sleep one night? Robin has called me on many occasions but never called to ask me about “that rumor”. My guess is it was more important to print the rumor, then to check and see if it was true. I spent an afternoon being interviewed by investigators from the DA’s office. This entire sham was staged to draw attention away from the Rye Golf Club mess. Forget about me, the French administration and the Rye Record dragged a twenty something year, hardworking employee thru the mud and used the “Local news paper” and the Westchester County District Attorney’s office to do the dirty work. The Jovanovich’s should be ashamed of way in which they use that newspaper. http://ryerecord.com/news/that-sinking-feeling.html
Deirdre Curran January 07, 2014 at 09:06 AM
"Rumors have been swirling that the piece of equipment in question had been sold or given to Hen Island resident Ray Tartaglione, who keeps a boat at the marina. The rumor remains just that at press time." - - - -- - - - UN. BEE. LEEV. A. BULL. Hey! Let's just print rumors! Who needs to get actual facts and research anything and explain to people what's really going on with verifiable information when we can just print rumors??!!
Deirdre Curran January 07, 2014 at 09:08 AM
At least I have video documentation this time that what they printed as fact as having happened, absolutely never took place.
RyeDad January 07, 2014 at 09:09 AM
Heal the Harbor: ====================================== The Jovanovich's should be ashamed of themselves for their actions. It wasn't just them though. After P. Jovanovich announced publicly that the boat basin investigation was finished, Connors and Pickup (& the Rye City Council) refused to provide any records of this sham investigation using the lame excuse that there was still an ongoing criminal investigation. ====================================== I believe this was done intentionally and possibly nefariously because there was no evidence whatsoever of anything criminal and they either had no complaint or were protecting the person who made the complaint.
Deirdre Curran January 11, 2014 at 08:42 AM


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