Osborn Students Appreciate People in the Community

Osborn School students took the time to extend heartfelt thanks to some important individuals in the community who help keep Rye safe. Children in grades K-5 participated in three assemblies, expressing their appreciation to guest attendees.

Among the individuals and entities recognized were the Rye Police Department, Rye Fire Department, and Rye Youth Council, as well as the Osborn Custodians, Secretaries, Aides, Nurse, and Food Service Employees. Each assembly featured different honorees and student presenters. The children brought smiles to their audiences as they recited songs and speeches while wearing attire -- firefighter hats, police uniforms, and other accessories – representative of the guests of honor.

The assemblies were part of Osborn’s iCARE program, a character education initiative. CARE is the key word, standing for Concern and Respect Every day. The entire school has been focusing on the meaning of care and respect and welcoming opportunities for children to demonstrate these qualities. The event also tied in with Osborn’s November theme, “Appreciate people for who they are and what they do to help our community.”  

The children have a new appreciation for those who make a difference in their school and in Rye, and were excited to share their gratitude in such a special and creative way.


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