Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Talks Health with Local Teens (VIDEO)

Former NY Giants punter Sean Landeta visited Port Chester High School Monday.

Former New York Giants punter Sean Landeta talked about the importance of health during Port Chester High School’s Wellness Day this morning.

The former football star, who played professional football for more than 20 years, told the crowd of teenagers that they are in control of their success and emphasized the importance of staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle.

“There is going to be a lot of pressure regarding decisions you have to make,” Landeta told the students. “But understand that all of us know right and wrong. Put yourself around good people, have good thoughts, be positive, your attitude, your appearance. Take care of yourself.”

Students clapped and cheered for Landeta when he took out his two Super Bowl championship rights from Super Bowl XXI and XXV after being asked about them. The kids also applauded Landeta when he told them he had never liked the taste of alcohol, and was glad because it kept him from getting involved with drugs and alcohol in a way that would have prevented him from being successful. Landeta said he saw great players and friends fail because of their involvement with drugs and alcohol.

“It was really good,” said Weston Reed, a PCHS sophomore who plays basketball. “I love how athletes come to the school and share what they have to say about health,” Reed said. One thing that stuck with Reed was how Landeta said not everyone who sets out to go pro makes it – some decide to take an academic route, others don’t make it and others make poor decisions that effect their opportunities, he told the students.

Landeta’s appearance was the highlight of a full morning of events focused on health for the district’s “Wellness Day,” which was a collaboration with the district, Open Door Family Medical Centers, Port Chester Cares Community Coalition and ASPIRE 21st Century.

“The reason we put this together is we know that the transition from childhood to adulthood could mean experience with violence, substance abuse, poor nutrition,” said Ellette Hirschorn, Director of Clinical Support Services and Programs at Open Door. The purpose was to expose kids to different workshops to introduce them to different ways they can commit to a healthy lifestyle, she said. The workshops included physical activities like soccer and boxing, substance abuse workshops, cooking classes and more. 

Watch some of Landeta’s speech in the video above. 


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