Rye School Superintendent Report

A message from the Rye City School District.

Dr. Alvarez provided a report to the Board, announcing that one hundred and ten high school students were inducted into the National Honor Society last week. He also provided an update on the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR), noting that the process is moving along, and discussed three curriculum-related items: the presentation of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model; adoption of the Mandarin III course of study; and information related to the sixth-grade exploratory course, BizWiz.

Dr. Alvarez also stated that the district is seeking members for its Board of Education Committees. Also included in the report of the Superintendent was a summary of the Rye/Harrison Game Weekend. Dr. Alvarez commended the football players for their exemplary behavior during a difficult moment, and thanked Coach Dino Garr and his staff, Athletic Director Robert Castagna, and High School Principal Patricia Taylor.

He also acknowledged the dedication ceremony of Ben Bedini Plaza prior to the game and thanked Steve Feeney for coordinating the event. Lastly, Dr. Alvarez shared some upcoming dates to remember: November 6 is Superintendent's Conference Day, during which the Common Core Learning Standards will be a focus for staff, and on December 10, a parent workshop on the Common Core Learning Standards will be conducted.


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