Rye High School's Internship Program For Seniors

High school seniors have a new internship program, which will allow them to work for a business/employer to gain experience.

Suzanne K. Short/Photo supplied by Suzanne Short
Suzanne K. Short/Photo supplied by Suzanne Short

Rye High School, English teacher, Suzanne K. Short is the Senior Internship Coordinator.  

For the past two years, Suzanne Short has been working with Rye High School principal, Mrs. Taylor, to propose the course and once it was approved, it was Ms. Short’s responsibility to write the curriculum proposal. Ms. Short consulted with Jenn Magner, who is a Guidance counselor and worked with the Curriculum Council as well as with district leadership to develop certain requirements and has been running this program since then.


“Both the administration and the students have been very receptive to this program. As of right now, we have 122 students participating, we have doubled the student interest in one-year and the feedback has been very positive.”, said Short.


The internship program is only open to seniors (who do not get any school credit awarded to them) and only lasts for three weeks.  


Is that really enough time for the students to get a feel for a job that they are performing?


Suzanne Short says,” The timeline was established to maximize the experiences for all students, taking into consideration the new state testing requirements, AP exams, sports, and the completion of the academics programs. This topic has been discussed, and once the program has been instituted more fully, we will evaluate all aspects of the program.”


Students have told Ms. Short  that they have built good working relationships at their internships, and that they are still maintaining those relationships even though the internships have ended.


Most of the students love their experience at their internships. Several students have even committed to returning to them this summer. Those students who disliked their internships also felt that it was an incredible learning experience for them.


“The businesses have been impressed by the students’ abilities and professionalism”, said Short.


How have you solicited businesses/employers to become a part of  the Rye High School internship programs?


“In addition to district resources such as listservs, I have spent a great deal of time working with the parent organizations, local newspapers, personal contacts, and the Rye Chamber of Commerce. I have been amazed at the supportive people and businesses I have found through The Chamber of Commerce, and I could not tell you how many resources were referred to me because of that organization. I am also meeting with the Lions Club later this month,” said Short

Businesses that would like to be a part of this can contact Suzanne Short at shorts@ryeschools.org


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