Meet Your Blind Brook Teacher

Say hello to all the new faces of the Blind Brook school district.

We are literally days away from the first day of school. Whether your student is filled with excitement or suffering with dread, they will be all the more nervous if they are going to a new environment.

It's no different for faculty and administration though. They are also fretting over last minute details and anticipating with the academic year will be like.

We met the new faces of Rye City School District. Now say hello to some of the new faces you'll meet in the Blind Brook School District!

  • Lori Cutrone, Assistant Principal, Ponteiro-Ridge Street School
  • Gregory Russo, Director of Health, Physical Education & Interscholastic Sports
  • Colleen Nicholas, P/T CSE Chairperson
  • Carol Neeson, Teaching Assistant, Blind Brook Middle School
  • Laura Sarago, Computer Teacher, Blind Brook Middle School
  • Daniel Boniello, Music, Blind Brook Middle School
  • Lisa Scialabba, English, Blind Brook Middle School


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