Sandy Causes Slight Change to Rye School District Calendar

The only major change is that Milton and Osborn students will conclude on June 24, rather than June 20.

As a result of the days lost due to Hurricane Sandy, the 2012-13 district calendar has been amended to reflect the following changes:

 No change in the February vacation schedule. 

If it is necessary to use additional emergency days, schools will be open March 27 and 28. March 28 would be the first day used, and March 27 would be the second, if needed.

 RHS, RMS, and Midland students will conclude on Thursday, June 20. No change for students from the current calendar. Staff will return on Friday, June 21, Monday, June 24, and Tuesday, June 25 for Superintendent's Conference Days.

Milton and Osborn students will conclude on Monday, June 24. Staff will return on Tuesday, June 25, Wednesday, June 26, and Thursday, June 27 for Superintendent's Conference Days. 

All students will have 176 school days and all staff will participate in 4 Superintendent's Conference Days, fulfilling the 180-day requirement. 

Bob Zahm December 12, 2012 at 08:31 PM
A bit of commentary might help in addition to the facts in the District's press release. 1. Thursday/Wednesday were chosen because the other Spring break days are religious holidays. 2. We’ll be told about the use of Spring break days as soon as they're needed; e.g., if schools are closed 22 March, we'll have little notice that school will open on the 28th. If schools are closed 4 January, we'll have almost two months of warning. Interesting to me is the real value of any make-up days during Spring break. How many families will come back for 1 or 2 days in the middle of Spring Break? From a NY State aid perspective, if the required level of attendance isn’t achieved, then the District will lose money. How much? The District didn’t say at its meeting. But total aid expected in 2012-13 is about $2.8million. At 176 school days, that works out to a bit over $16k/day or less than 0.02% of total school funds. With enrollment of 3,210 students, that’s $18/student/day. While I don’t want to see the District skipping revenue from sources other than local property taxes, I’m far from convinced that planning on opening school IF OTHER DAYS ARE LOST during Spring break is economically rational.


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