Blind Brook HS Graduation

Blind Brook high school held its graduation ceremony at the Visual Arts building at Suny Purchase. Photos of (almost) every graduate.

Blind Brook high school seniors celebrated their graduation at the SUNY Purchase visual arts building, with an auditorium packed full of friends and family. The ceremony was short and sweet, with a recognition of influential teachers, performances by the school band and a chorus comprised of a few graduating seniors, as well as speeches by students, faculty, and a very successful entrepreneur and Blind Brook HS alum, Josh Straw. 

The speeches centered around how the student body has come together, split apart, and greatly progressed on what was repeatedly described as their ¨epic journey.¨ Their dedication and hard work were valued and they were left with no small burden as Superintendent William Stark told them to go forth and work to make the world a better place.

Principal Healy expressed dismay that she only got one year to get to know the graduating class. She has been principal of Blind Brook High School since July of last year.

 The graduating class held various fundraisers to raise about $1000 for the class gift–a flat screen TV for the school's commons. Graduating senior Samantha Steinberg presented the class gift, joking that it would primarily be used to watch shows like ¨American Idol¨ and ¨The Jersey Shore.¨

Actually the TV will serve as an informational hub for students passing by, allowing them to inform themselves with educational and news programming, acting as a center for dialogue in the school.

 The event was summed up best by class speaker Daniel Ullman, after reading an excerpt from Kavafis' Ithaca, and searching for the right words to describe the past years:  ¨The goal is the journey, and the journey is the goal."

We wish the best of luck to the Blind Brook class of 2011 in all that might come their way.


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