APPR Committee Members Receive Extra Mile Awards

An announcement from the Rye City School District.

At the December 11 Board of Education meeting, eleven District administrators and faculty members received Extra Mile Awards for their instrumental roles in the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) development process. Board of Education Vice President Katy Keohane Glassberg presented the awards and expressed appreciation to these individuals on behalf of the Board.

APPR is a state requirement for evaluating staff members under a structured system that provides final scores based on several components. All 697 public school districts in New York were required to develop a plan for state adoption this year. At the end of November, the Rye City School District was notified by the New York State Education Department that its APPR plan is one of 333 which have been approved.

The plan was submitted to the State for review in September, thanks to the work of a dedicated and involved group of staff members chaired by Interim Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Dr. Mary Anne Evangelist. As Mrs. Glassberg explained, “the APPR committee began working on the plan last spring and put in countless hours meeting after school and throughout the summer break, negotiating various aspects.”

There are three parts to the APPR plan: measurement of student growth, measurement of achievement, and evaluation of teacher and principal performance. Over the course of many meetings and discussions, the group negotiated the tools and criteria for student achievement measurements, as well as the instruments and process we would use for teacher and principal evaluations

“We are pleased that our plan has met the rigorous criteria set forth by NY State and look forward to using it as a meaningful tool in achieving the district goals,” Mrs. Glassberg stated.

Congratulations to the following Extra Mile Award recipients: Mary Anne Evangelist, Elaine Cuglietto, Ann Edwards, JoAnne Nardone, Patricia Taylor, Vincent Baione, Ellen Litt, Michelle McCumber, David Perry, Allison Pray, and Jaime Zung. 


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