Vacancies In The City Council

The City of Rye city council will have two seats that are vacant come January 1, 2014.

Joe Sack, Mayor Elect for the City of Rye. ( Photo provided by Joe Sack)
Joe Sack, Mayor Elect for the City of Rye. ( Photo provided by Joe Sack)

The City of Rye is looking for individuals to fill the unexpired term of Catherine Parker, who was elected to the County Legislature, and the unexpired term of Joe Sack who was elected as Mayor of Rye.   

Catherine Parker and Joe Sack were both previously re-elected in 2011 to four-year terms on the city council of the City of Rye. According to the City Charter, the remaining members of the City Council will vote to fill those two vacancies, and Joe Sack (Mayor-Elect) will have to vote early next year after the other members of the new Council are sworn in on January 1. 

The City of Rye’s new city council will consist of Joe Sack as Mayor, as well as returning Council members Laura Brett and Julie Killian, and the newly elected council members Kirstin Bucci and Terry McCartney. 

 Once the two city council members will be appointed they will then serve until after the results of a special election in November, which will decide who will then serve out the remaining balance of the terms through 2015.   

How does Mayor Elect, Joe Sack feel about the upcoming changes to the City Of Rye’s city council?  “Come January 1, we’re getting a fresh start with a smart, good-natured and collaborative group.  We’re looking forward to rounding out the new Council with others who share this new outlook,” says Mayor Elect Joe Sack. 

Anyone who might be interested in the vacancies on the City of Rye’s city council is encouraged to call Joe Sack directly, at (914) 886-2348.


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