Rye Awaits Bond Vote Results After Polling Machines Impounded

Rye's polling machines were impounded when only half the votes had been counted.

The Westchester County Board of Elections' tally of votes in Rye stopped around 1 a.m. Wednesday with only half the results reported, and they have still not been updated.

With only one uncontested candidate in the race for an open city council seat, the outcome voters are eager to hear is that of two spending propositions. The propositions call for $1.68 million in street improvements and $176,000 in improvements for the Rye Library.

As it stands, votes on both propositions are almost exactly tied.

The Board of Elections received two impound orders for machines used in the District 37 and 40th senate races Tuesday night which stalls election officials from finishing the count, a Democratic Election commissioner told Patch over the phone Wednesday afternoon. Results are not expected for at least another day, she said. Rye is in the 37th senate district.

With seven out of 14 districts reporting, the current tally in favor of Proposition 2 - $176,000 to improve the library - is 1,165; the number opposed is 1,152. The current tally in favor of Proposition 1 - to make street and safety improvements - is 389; opposed is 391.

Several voters at the polls said they were in favor of both propositions. “It is important to commit to the city and to infrastructure and development,” said Gerard Falcone, who had just voted with his wife Sarah and their five-month-old twins Leila and Will at City Hall.

Did you vote for the bonds? Tell us why or why not in the comments.


Editor's Note: On the election ballot, Proposition 1 was the street safety improvements and Proposition 2 was the library improvements. On the city bond information sheet the Propositions were the opposite, 1 was the library and 2 was the street improvements. The original article was changed to reflect the way the propositions were treated on the election ballot. 

dita von struedel van trappyodel November 08, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Where were the referendums on the ballot? Someone told me they were on the back of voting page where the races were listed. When I went to vote I was instructed about how to fill out the candidate race but no one told me about the referendums. This was at the Milton Point polling place.
John Moschetti November 08, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Sounds like a kick back


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