Rye Town Dissolution Forum Slated for Next Week

The second in a series of forums about dissolving Rye Town is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. in Mamaroneck Village Hall.

In tough economic times, how can three municipalities make the best of things and share resources? Is it more efficient to share services and operate under the umbrella of Rye Town, or should the town be done away with altogether? Will eliminating a redundant layer of government deliver tangible property tax relief?

Those are some of the questions on the minds of local leaders and residents as they convene for a series of meetings on the Rye Town dissolution study. Financed with funds from the villages that make up Rye Town, as well as state money, local leaders hope the study will answer most of those questions and shed light on other concerns related to potential dissolution.

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Here's the announcement for next week's meeting, which includes links to web resources, original documents from the study, and background information on the process to date:

The second forum on the Rye Town Dissolution Feasibility Study and Village Alternatives Analysis will be held on Thursday, January 12. The forum will include an update on the study and a review of the Baseline Report on Town/Village services and finances.

The forum will be held from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Mamaroneck Village Hall, 169 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY.

The Baseline Report, which is available at the project website at www.cgr.org/ryetown, as well as at Rye Town Hall and Village Halls in Rye Brook, Port Chester and Mamaroneck, is intended to create a basic understanding for the study team, Steering Committee and larger community before the detailed consideration of alternatives for future governance options within the Town of Rye.

The Report will serve as the foundation for evaluation of the following options:

1. Potential dissolution of Rye Town government in order to eliminate an administrative level of government and, in so doing, possibly generate property tax relief for residents;

2. Alternative forms of government, particularly separate coterminous town/village options in Port Chester and Rye Brook, as a means of improving cost effectiveness and enhancing shared services;

3. Governance and service options for the Rye Neck section of the Village of Mamaroneck that is within Rye Town; and

4. Potential shared service alternatives between and among Rye Town and the Villages of Port Chester, Rye Brook and Mamaroneck.

The Steering Committee, comprised of elected officials and administrators from Rye Town and the Villages of Rye Brook, Port Chester and Mamaroneck, issued the following statement: “We encourage residents to attend this important forum. It is a great opportunity to hear about the progress made to-date on this study, as well as for residents to provide their valuable feedback and suggestions.”

The meeting will include a brief presentation by the study consultant, the nonprofit Center for Governmental Research (CGR). The meeting will also provide the public with an opportunity to comment, ask questions, and get up-to-speed on next steps.

At any time, residents can access the study website to review background documents and submit comments to the Steering Committee.


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