Rye Brook Police Warn of Frauds in Community; Coyote Trapping Over

A message from the Village of Rye Brook.

The Rye Brook Police Department warns of increasing scams occurring in the region.  Many times these scams involve lottery winnings from places within the United States as well as other countries, often targeting seniors.  

 Examples of recent scams include the following:

·        A person may call or send an email stating you are a winner of thousands of dollars.  In order for you to collect, they will ask that you send tax on the money you won and send it to a random person. 

·        An email sent from a ‘relative’ who is on vacation but is in trouble and needs money to bail them out or they ran out of money to get home. 

·        A person notifies you of winning millions of dollars and promises of expensive cars from out of state. The “winner” had to pay numerous fees on these winnings in order to collect.

·        In many cases, once you make an initial payment they ask for additional funds.


If you believe you are a victim of such a scam or at least been contacted by someone purporting that you won a prize, lottery or property of any kind, contact the Rye Brook Police Department at (914) 937-1020.   

Village Board Approves ‘Do Not Knock Registry’

The Village of Rye Brook Board of Trustees approved legislation creating a ‘Do Not Knock Registry’.  This program prohibits commercial and many other solicitors, vendors and canvassers from approaching residential homes that have registered with the village’s ‘Do Not Knock Registry.’  To sign up, please visit the village website www.ryebrook.org

Building Permit Amnesty Program Ending May 31, 2013  

This Building Permit Amnesty Program waves all penalties for certain work done without the proper permit being issued and may also eliminate the need to go to the Architectural Review Board.  The goal of this Amnesty Program is to ensure the safety of all citizens through inspections, while permitting homeowners to apply for an updated Certificate of Occupancy (CO) in order to sell or refinance their homes.

 The following are examples of projects that require specific permits, but may have never been obtained:

 ·        Furnace Replacement

·        Hot Water Replacement

·        Certain Window Replacements

·        Roof Repairs

·        New Siding

·        Electrical & Plumbing Work

·        Fence Repairs and Replacements


Please contact the Building Department at (914) 939-0668 for further inquiries. 


Coyote Trapping Ending February 15, 2013 

The Village of Rye Brook will cease coyote trapping in Village parks on Friday, February 15th in accordance with NYS DEC regulations.   

 For information on the village's comprehensive coyote hazing program, including the locations of sightings and other educational information about coyotes, please visit the village's web site at www.ryebrook.org

Residents should report coyote sightings to the Rye Brook Police Department at (914) 937 – 1020.



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