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Milton Rd. Area: Expect Intermittent Power This Weekend

Con Edison is working a two day job where they will have to intermittently cut power to sections of Milton Point and Milton Road area.

 If you live near Milton Road and got power back this week, don’t celebrate too soon. That power my flicker on and off or go off for hours at a time while Con Edison crews work to fix a low hanging high voltage wire this weekend. Oakland Beach Ave., east of Milton Road is currently closed because of the wire.

Because repair of that wire will be a labor-intensive operation and will require a temporary shutdown of power, the repair has been deferred so that resources can be devoted to the residential restoration effort. All other roads are open.

“It is a two day job and they are going to intermittently cut power while they do it…so we are trying to do it Friday after 3 p.m. when school gets out and they have to get it resolved by Monday,” City Mangaer Scott Pickup said at the Thursday night Council meeting.

Con Ed won’t leave any power off over night and will restore it to before they began the work on the wire. Because the line is higher voltage than others, Con Ed will have to turn off power sections at a time to work with it, Pickup said.

“I fully expect we will have a lot of back and forth.” 


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