Council Letter Leaked, Dapolite Counters

Learning the letter submitted to Rye Council members was improperly leaked, Rye TV employee Andrew Dapolite sends copy to all local media.

When Andrew Dapolite decided to express his concerns about improper practices at Rye TV to members of the Rye City Council, he did so by submitting a letter last Monday to each– directed only to them.

In a published report Thursday, corporation counsel Kristin Wilson said she was still reviewing the contents of the letter. Dapolite claims he was specifically directed to lie about the existence of a video recording of a January 25 council workshop about the organization of the fire department. Dapolite also claims audio levels on the recording were deliberately altered once its existence was revealed.

Rye Patch immediately contacted Dapolite requesting a copy of the letter from him; as well as submitting a FOIL request for the document and inquiring at the office of the city manager Scott Pickup on Friday.

Dapolite was surprised when editor Robin Jovanovich of the Rye Record contacted him saying she had obtained the letter through "a leak." Jovanovich began questioning Dapolite and directly quoting the contents of Dapolite's letter during their phone conversation.

On Friday night, Dapolite said he had no idea how Jovanovich might have obtained his letter, but after some consideration he thought it unfair one publication had obtained access to the document. He sent the document to several members of the media by email at 1 a.m. Saturday.

"It has been brought to my attention that the complaint I delivered to the Rye City Council has been leaked to The Rye Record. In light of the selective release of the document, I feel I must now honor the requests of other local news media outlets who have been asking me to release the letter. Therefore, please see attached."

The document in its entirety is included as a PDF file attached to this story.

Charmian Neary February 22, 2012 at 11:32 PM
@Stuy Guy - I didn't vote for most of the members of Rye's current council so I won't comment on their collective performance, such as it is. I do want to address Joe Sack's daughter being elected Mayor at school. On New Year's Day I was leaving the Square House after the new council was sworn in. Joe Sack was walking out in front of me struggling to carry a very heavy cooler full of ice, wine and juice boxes left over from the reception. His daughter held the door for him, even as she admonished him that the cooler "has wheels for a reason, Dad!" That vignette illuminates perfectly the truth that as admirable as hard work is sometimes being smart to begin with is more effective. Ms. Sack could bring some refreshing wisdom and candor to the council chamber.
tedc February 25, 2012 at 12:40 AM
The Rye Record Denies Leak; Takes Local News Media Outlets, Blogosphere to Task Reporting of the most recent and damning allegations of misbehavior by city officials has seemed to touch a nerve over at The Rye Record. Robin Jovanovich, the paper's publisher, and wife of the Deputy Mayor Peter Jovanovich, has taken bloggers and the local media to task for their coverage on the story http://www.lausdeo10580.com/lausdeo10580/2012/02/no-one-leaked-anything-to-the-rye-record-publisher-of-the-rye-record-robin-javonovich-denied-in-an-article-today-that-a-co.html
tedc February 29, 2012 at 06:56 PM
“As they are about to leave, Toto jumps out of the balloon's basket and Dorothy runs after him. The Wizard, unable to control the balloon, leaves without her. As she despairs of ever getting back home, Glinda appears and tells her that she always had the power to return home, but that she needed to learn for herself that she didn't have to run away to find her heart's desire. She bids her friends goodbye, then follows Glinda's instructions to close her eyes, tap her heels together three times, and keep repeating” - The meeting was not recorded. The meeting was not recorded. The meeting was not recorded. “Dorothy awakens…(in yet another closed door Executive Session at Rye City Hall)…surrounded..(by implicated senior employees and compromised elected officials)..and tells them of her journey. Although..(Mayor French)..assures her it was all a dream, she insists it was real and promises never to..(tell the truth in Rye)..again.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wizard_of_Oz_(1939_film)
tedc March 01, 2012 at 04:57 PM
LUNCHTIME READING Today’s Westchester Guardian Newspaper - features – Mayor French and his Merry Band! See Page 21 for Mayor French’s Rye “Update!” Boy I’m almost overjoyed everything’s just great in Rye Government! oh no – wait – wait - what’s this on the bottom of Page 21? No, no, no – just ignore it, there’s nothing to this, there’s nothing to see – take it from me, that issue has been resolved. oh wait, what’s this back on Page 18 – no! – that’s not fair! – that’s not what happened, that’s not what’s happening - No, No, No a thousand times NO! http://westchesterguardian.com/3_1_12/wg_3_1_fin.pdf
Right and Just March 22, 2012 at 02:43 PM
The requested investigation of lying to the Rye City Council and the residents of Rye by the Rye City Manager and the Rye TV Access Coordinator is not about Andrew Dapolite, Joe Sack, Doug French or even about our "Residents Don't Care” Councilman Filippi. It is about the alleged lying and cover-up by City Manager Scott Pickup, and Rye TV Access Coordinator Nicole Levitsky, to the residents of Rye and instructing an employee to lie. City personnel are employees of the Rye residents and in the private sector lying to your employer is grounds for disciplinary actions including termination of employment. Andrew Dapolite, putting his job on the line, brought this issue to the attention of the Rye residents through his chain of command, including the Rye City Council. Hopefully, the residents of Rye support Andrew and commend him for his ethics and his desire to fight for Open Government. Is it really true, that expressed by Councilman Filippi, we really don't care? Is this the example we wish to set for our children, that lying is OK? I would hope that we support Andrew Dapolite's efforts and demand that our elected officials investigate this issue and not just wear the public out by delegating this responsibility to others and refusing to take ownership. A 23 year old put his job on the line to fight for what he thinks is right. Are we, who should be setting an example for our youth, going to sit back and condone the lying of Rye City employees to us, the residents of Rye?


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