City Council Hires Outside Counsel for RGC Investigation

The council has decided to hire Brune & Richard to run the investigation.

The Rye City Council hired Manhattan-based law firm Brune & Richard to run the city council’s investigation into dealings at Rye Golf Club during a special city council meeting this morning, according to Councilman Joe Sack.

Because the Rye City Manager’s ability to handle the investigation was called into questionthe council voted to make itself the lead agency in the matter and to hire an independent counsel last week.

“I would like to commend my colleagues on the city council for the swift, unanimous and significant action we have taken as a group over the past eight days,” said Sack, who has been the city official most vocal about investigating the Rye Golf Club general manager’s relationship with a staffing agency he hired and the allegations of misappropriated funds.

In its investigation, the outside counsel may issue subpoenas, secure documents, conduct interviews, take sworn testimony, and marshal the evidence, the councilman said.

“Because of the unique circumstances, this investigation will and must be separate and apart from the city manager and regular city lawyers, in order to maintain the integrity and independence of the investigation.  Ultimately, whatever the investigation shows, the results must be beyond reproach, so that the public can have faith and trust in the outcome,” Sack said.

The council will allocate funds for the investigation from the city’s existing contingency fund.

 What are your thoughts on the city council’s decision to handle the investigation and hire outside counsel? Tell us in the comments. 


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Rye10580 October 19, 2012 at 09:37 PM
the TV station, RGC and now the boat basin......city government is asleep at the wheel. Sack seems to be the only one that cares enough to get to the bottom of anything controversial. And given the budget shortfall spending money to investigate a problem that should never have occurred had proper oversight been in place seems beyond incompetent.
Tea Leaves October 19, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Who is in charge of that city? Didn't the mayor of that place rip the state off for years with illegal STAR exemptions...
tedc October 23, 2012 at 09:26 PM
BREAKING: THE RYE GOLF CLUB FOIL: A CLOSER LOOK AT THE WORDS AND ACTIONS OF CITY MNGR SCOTT PICKUP AND THOSE UNDER HIS EMPLOY “It has been four months since we lawfully requested invoicing from 2007 to the present from RM Staffing & Events, as well as payroll information from the City of Rye. Our requests have gone unanswered and ignored by City Manager Scott Pickup. He has misinformed, mischaracterized and dis-informed the public regarding those requests. For months he has refused to share information with council members and RGC Commissioners. Even as the RGC scandal exploded in his face, and now investigations mount, he refuses to release the public records sought” See the full story here – http://www.lausdeo10580.com/lausdeo10580/2012/10/the-rye-golf-club-foil-a-closer-look-at-the-words-and-actions-of-city-mngr-scott-pickup.html


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