Unusual Suspects: Valet Drives Car Through Hotel, Man Steals Heartburn Meds, Pastor Uses Prayer to Avoid Ticket

Our weekly rundown of recent unusual police incidents in the area.

Valet Drives Guest’s Car Through the Front of the Ritz-Carlton

It was probably inevitable, but a valet allegedly damaged a guest’s car when he drove it through the front doors of the Ritz Carlton in White Plains on Tuesday night.

Police think that confusion with the vehicle may have led the valet to mistakenly press the gas instead of the brake. The incident is being treated as an accident.


Pizza Prank Leads to Harrison Politician’s Arrest 

Maria Polera, a Harrison Democratic Party district leader and former running mate of Supervisor Joan Walsh, allegedly ordered unsolicited pizzas and had them delivered to Walsh’s home. Police said Polera had been pulling the prank for six to eight months and believe the deliveries had been made up to 14 times, though they could only charge Polera with placing the order on six occasions. She was arraigned on Tuesday on a misdemeanor theft of services charge and for second-degree harassment. She is scheduled to appear back in court on Aug. 9.


Cyclist Injured After Police Shoot Raccoon

A cyclist who was riding on Old Sleepy Hollow Road on Sunday was apparently at the wrong place at the wrong time. The 48-year-old man was injured in the left leg by what was either bullet fragments or stone and debris propelled by shots that were fired at a possibly rabid raccoon. A Mount Pleasant police officer had shot four or five rounds at the animal in the eastbound lanes of Route 117. Hours later, the Mount Pleasant Police Department was notified that a cyclist went to Sleepy Hollow Police Department headquarters and reported being injured after hearing the gunshot. The man suffered a minor injury.


Port Chester Man Smashes Restaurant’s Neon Sign

A Port Chester man who apparently had too much to drink smashed a $300 neon sign at Brisa Marina Restaurant. A waitress saw the man, who was sitting near the window in the restaurant, smash the sign when he brought his hand down on the object, which was hanging near his table. The man’s denial did nothing to prevent police from charging him with felony third-degree criminal mischief.


Water Balloons Damage Jogger’s Cell Phone

A man jogging on White Plains Road in Bronxville told police on July 23 that two Harrison resaidents threw water balloons at him from a moving car. The water balloons damaged the man’s cell phone. The two men involved in the incident apparently weren’t clever enough to get away with their drive-by. The jogger wrote down their license plate number and gave it to police. The men were detained in Harrison after the Bronxville Police Department contacted that agency. Both men came to the Bronxville Police Department and paid $300 in restitution to the jogger instead of being arrested.


Battle of the Bands, Literally

New York State Police arrested a 28-year-old man on July 23 on third degree assault charges after he got into an altercation with a member of another band while both groups were playing at Floody’s Bar in Granby, NY. The man, Chano Sanchez, punched the other man in the face, breaking his tooth and lacerating his nose. He was arrested and released on $200 bail. Sanchez is scheduled to appear in court in August.


Barking Dog Leads to Drug Arrest

A California man and woman were arrested last week on drug and DWI charges after they pulled their car over to argue because a dog in the car with them would not stop barking. A state trooper, who was directing traffic on State Route 17B, approached the vehicle after receiving reports that the two people in the car were arguing. Police then discovered that the driver, a 22-year-old woman, was intoxicated, and her 30-year-old male passenger was in possession of marijuana, hashish and fireworks. Police also discovered that the man was wanted in Illinois for felony unlawful possession of marijuana. Both were arrested and arraigned.


Man Swipes Heartburn Meds at CVS

On July 22, a supervisor at  on 2444 Boston Post Rd. in Mamaroneck saw an unidentified man shove two boxes of Prilosec—worth approximately $44—down his pants. The man then paid for other items and left the store. He is wanted for petty larceny.  


Pastor Uses Prayer in an Attempt to Avoid Ticket

A 32-year-old Mount Kisco resident and alleged pastor told a White Plains police officer who stopped him for using a cell phone while driving that he was actually praying—not engaging in conversation. During the traffic stop, the officer discovered that the man’s license was suspended. Prayer apparently couldn’t stop the man from being arrested and his vehicle from being impounded.

Brad Hill July 31, 2011 at 01:44 PM
Love that last one. The guy has God's phone number?
Miguel Hernandez October 04, 2011 at 12:03 PM
At a Monday morning staff meeting at the Vatican the phone rings and one of the Cardinals takes the call. Holiness he says, I have good news and bad news. Tell me the good news first responds the Pope. Ok says the Cardinal, God is on the phone. That's absolutely wonderful the Pope answers, no bad news could come after that. After along pause the Cardinal sighs and says ... He is calling from Salt Lake City


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