Truck Briefly Stuck Under Railroad Bridge in Port Chester

Police: Driver realized his mistake in time so he could get tractor trailer out without damaging vehicle or the bridge.

A tractor trailer became stuck briefly under a railroad bridge in Port Chester on Monday afternoon, but the driver realized his mistake in time to get the truck out safely and without causing damage, according to Port Chester Police.

Traffic on King Street was only delayed a few minutes, police said, because of the 2:45 p.m. incident at the Metro North Commuter Railroad bridge that crosses over King Street. The 40-year-old driver from Rockland, Mass., told police that he did not see the warning signs that indicate the bridge only has a 12-foot-high clearance.

Despite a variety of warning signs and lights, similar incidents have become common in Port Chester, which has multiple low bridge crossings created by Metro North's New Haven Line.

In Monday's incident, police said an auto-carrier tractor trailer from Rhode Island became stuck under the King Street bridge as it was traveling south on King Street. Police said the driver was able to safely back the truck out from underneath the bridge.

The driver was issued a ticket for exceeding bridge clearance restrictions and released.


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