Tragedy on the Hudson: A Timeline

The tragic collision that left two dead just before a wedding occurred one week ago yesterday, but the aftermath, investigation, and grieving continues.

From left to right: Mark Lennon's funeral; the barge in question; the Tappan Zee Bridge. Credit: Patch
From left to right: Mark Lennon's funeral; the barge in question; the Tappan Zee Bridge. Credit: Patch
As the Hudson Valley continues to mourn the loss of Mark Lennon and Lindsey Stewart—and pray for the recovery of their friends—an investigation continues, and questions remain regarding the fatal accident that occurred one week and one day ago.

Below is a chronological look at how the collision, and its aftermath, have unfolded.

Friday, June 26

(10:30 p.m.) A 21-foot powerboat carrying six passengers slams into a sprawling construction barge in the shadow of the Tappan Zee Bridge. Following the crash, rescue authorities scramble to pluck survivors from the Hudson's dark waters. Four are rescued, with injuries, but two remain missing: Lindsey Stewart of Piermont, and Mark Lennon of Pearl River, both 30. 

Stewart was set to marry fiance Brian Bond on August 10, with Lennon as Bond's best man. Bond was one of the four injured.

Saturday, June 27 

(12:45 p.m.) Police locate a body in the Hudson that is later identified as Stewart's. The tragic discovery occurs just minutes before a police briefing at the tip of the iconic Piermont Pier. 

The boat's pilot—35-year-old Jojo John of Nyack—is charged with a slate of felonies while recovering at Nyack Hospital, including first degree vehicular manslaughter.

Officials with the state and new Tappan Zee Bridge project release a statement that offers condolences, but also notes the barge was properly lit and met all safety regulations.

Sunday, July 28

(11 a.m.) A body later confirmed as belonging to Mark Lennon is found off of Piermont Pier.

Monday, July 29

The Rockland County Medical Examiner announces that both Lennon and Stewart died from drowning. Stewart received severe head injuries, and Lennon sustained only minor bodily injuries, officials said.

A tour of the accident scene via veteran boater and retired law enforcement officer Greg Porteus provides insight into boating safety, and the area beneath the Tappan Zee Bridge.  

Wednesday, July 31

The parents of Lennon and Stewart release a public letter, detailing their grief and defending their loved ones. The parents maintain that the boaters were not drunk, and that the construction barge was underlit.

"If you were out on the water, on or before the night of Friday, July 26, and have knowledge of the barges or the accident conditions, please share your information with us by sending an email to darkbarges@gmail.com,” the families write.

Through a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request, Patch learns a Nyack resident expressed concerns about boating and barge safety in early July—and followed up with officials mere hours before the fatal crash.

The man who sounded off, Michael Hortens, called the barges "brick walls" on the Hudson.

Thursday, August 1

Funeral services for Lindsey Stewart are held in Pearl River.

Friday, August 2

Funeral services for Mark Lennon are held in Piermont.

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