Rye Police: Check Your Wallets, Your Credit Card May Have Been Lifted Today

The Rye City police say a suspect arrested in another town may have also stolen credit cards from Rye residents on Monday.

Theft Alert from Rye City Police: Request for Information 

The City of Rye Police Department has received information that a suspect arrested today in another jurisdiction may be responsible for thefts of credit cards from vehicles in the City of Rye. 

The suspect in these crimes has allegedly entered an unknown number of unlocked vehicles at school dismissal times, both in Rye and in other municipalities. He removed a single credit card from each purse. The suspect made charges on some of the cards, but they have not been recovered. 

We have reason to believe that incidents may have occurred on Monday, December 3, 2012, in the vicinity of Resurrection School and the Presbyterian Nursery School during afternoon dismissal. However, we have not received any reports of thefts at this time. 

If you were in that area and may have left an unattended purse in a vehicle, please check to make sure all your credit cards are accounted for. If you are missing a credit card or have experienced unusual activity on your accounts, please contact the Rye Police at (914) 967-1234 to file a report. 

We do not have any information regarding other incidents in the City. However, we recommend that any residents who have left vehicles unattended during school dismissal periods check their wallets to ensure that they are not missing credit cards. Please report thefts or fraudulent charges to the Police Department and to your credit card company. Thank you.


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