Port Chester Man Found Dead, Police Say Daughter Is 'Person of Interest'

Police found the body of 54-year-old Anthony Guglielmo after his 14-year-old daughter called 911.

A Port Chester man was found dead in his home early Sunday morning, and the victim's 14-year-old daughter is a 'person of interest' in the case after giving inconsistent statements to police.

Port Chester police responded to 235 Mortimer Street at 5:25 a.m. Sunday after receiving "a call from a hysterical female stating her father had been stabbed," police Chief Joseph Krzeminski said.

When officers and paramedics arrived, they found 54-year-old Anthony Guglielmo on a bedroom floor, with a knife wound "in the vicinity of the heart," Krzeminski said.

In the initial 911 call, Guglielmo's daughter told police an intruder had broken into the apartment and that her father was bleeding from a knife wound.

But when police reached the bedroom, they found coagulated blood on the floor, and the victim's body temperature suggested he had been deceased for up to two hours.

Guglielmo's daughter told police she wanted a parent or guardian present while detectives interviewed her. The girl's parents were divorced, and "it took a while to reach out to her mother, who lives in New York City," Krzeminski said.

After interviewing Guglielmo's daughter at the Mortimer Street home, police brought the teenager to headquarters for a lengthier statement.

Asked whether there was an argument between Guglielmo and his daughter, Krzeminski said he couldn't comment because it's central to the investigation.

Despite the alleged inconsistencies in the girl's statement and police classifying her as a "person of interest" in the investigation, she was not charged with a crime and was released to the custody of her mother.

Police recovered "a large kitchen knife" from the home.

"We believe we recovered the murder weapon," Krzeminski said.

Detectives found a trash can beneath an open window and a slash through the window screen, but it's not clear whether those clues pointed toward an intruder.

In the meantime, detectives are interviewing neighbors, relatives and friends of the family.

An autopsy is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

Anyone with information on the death can call the Port Chester Police Department at 914-939-1000. All calls will be kept confidential.

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lululolo September 15, 2011 at 01:55 AM
I think why just don't have any evidence like the finger prints on the knife? why is so hard to find who is guilty? I leave on Mortimer St. and believe me, we are very scared thinking that could be a killer around here, we don't feel safe until all this situation gets to a conclussion.......Please finish this soon!! I believe if the girl of 14 years old did it? so how a teen can errase evidence? it's ridiculous that all of this is getting in to so much time, I could probably take this if it was from a old person.....but for a teen?? it can't be.......


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