Look-A-Like Cars Lead to Mistaken Stolen Car Report in Port Chester

Co-worker accidentally took wrong car for lunch break.

What started out as a stolen car investigation in Port Chester turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, according to Port Chester Police.

A 46-year-old Yonkers man who works at a car dealership in Port Chester told police on Friday that his tan 1994 Toyota Corolla had been stolen from the rear of the dealership on Midland Avenue. As the incident was under investigation, that car showed up again at the dealership.

Police said a co-worker of the Yonkers man was driving the car while on lunch break. However, police said the co-worker did not know he had taken the Yonkers man's car.

It turns out both men have tan Toyotas, and they were parked next to each other. And, police said, the co-worker's key managed to start the Yonkers man's car.


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