Autopsy Performed on PC Slay Victim

An autopsy was performed Monday afternoon as police continue their investigation into the murder of 54-year-old Anthony Guglielmo.

The county medical examiner performed a scheduled autopsy on a Port Chester man who was murdered Sunday, but there were few new details in the case as of Monday afternoon.

Police of 54-year-old Anthony Guglielmo after the victim's daughter called 911 early Sunday morning.

Guglielmo suffered a stab wound near his heart, and police say they believe they've recovered the murder weapon, a large kitchen knife. Guglielmo's daughter told a dispatcher her father was bleeding heavily when she dialed 911 at 5:25 a.m. Sunday, but investigators say the evidence shows Guglielmo had been dead for up to several hours before the call.

Blood on the floor of the bedroom where Guglielmo was found had already begun to coagulate, and the victim's body temperature indicated as many as two hours had passed before the 911 call, according to police.

Guglielmo's 14-year-old daughter was interviewed and released to the custody of her mother, but she has not been charged. Police describe the teenager as "a person of interest" in the investigation.

On Monday, the teenager's Facebook page was pulled, but messages left on the page earlier included sympathy notes from friends.

There was no activity at the Guglielmo home, a two-story house on Mortimer Place. One man, a father who was watching his young daughter pedal around on a tricycle, said he did not know the family. A next-door neighbor watched the Guglielmo home from his porch, but said he didn't want to talk about the murder.

The only activity on the quiet street involved a satellite truck from a local network news channel; a television reporter and cameraman practiced a stand-up shot ahead of their 5 p.m. newscast.

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David Lopez September 14, 2011 at 12:49 AM
R.I.P. Tony ...He Was a good Man and a LOVING Father ...He did the BEST he Could for what he had...He TRUELY LOVED his daughter!! He will be MISSED...R.I.P. my Friend ...R.I.P.
lululolo September 15, 2011 at 02:05 AM
I think I agree of this man the same thing, he took care of his child since she was 3yr old......this is what i read on newspapers, I just can't believe this is going on.....hope things get clear very fast...........we are not quite anymore on this street, you can see how worry everybody look.....


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