Unusual Suspects: Hazardous Materials; Facebook Threats; Barking Dog

Recent weird and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate a conviction.

Community Activist Arrested in Front of Mamaroneck Home

Luis Quiros, 67, a local community activist and former Westchester Community Opportunity Program chair, was arrested outside his Mamaroneck home and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The arrest came after police responded to a call about a suspicious person. Quiros claims he was relaxing in his car outside of his home when the incident occurred. Police reportedly questioned why Quiros was near a school and Quiros allegedly refused to answer their questions. A witness allegedly told police Quiros lived in the home in front of which he was parked.  

Police: Nanuet Man Made Facebook Threats to Kill Public Officials

A Nanuet man has been charged with making terroristic threats and illegal weapons possession after posting numerous threats on Facebook targeting Gov. Andrew Cuomo and members of Congress. Clarkstown police began investigating the man after receiving a call from his landlord claiming he had engaged in harassing behavior toward her. 

Smoke Leads To Possible Hazardous Materials Discovery In Nanuet

More than 50 gallons of potentially hazardous materials were discovered in Nanuet. The Rockland County Hazardous Material Unit responded to the smell of smoke. Building and code violations are pending. The barrels containing the materials were removed. 

A Croton resident reported a small brown dog had been barking on his property for nine minutes. Police spoke with the dog owner who removed the dog from the property. 

Police: Home Alone How Long?

A 16-year-old boy was apparently left alone for a month in his Pelham apartment while his father was traveling in China. Police contacted the father who said he wasn't aware that leaving the child alone was a problem. The house was reported to be in good condition and well stocked with food. The boy is now in the custody of an adult family friend who also resides in the building. 

Port Chester Man Accused of Putting Sugar Into Car's Gas Tank

A Port Chester man is accused of pouring sugar into a gas tank to damage a car owned by a village resident. The incident caused about $250 in damage to the car. 

Man Found Asleep in Building Moves Next Door

The same man was reported to be sleeping in two different Sleepy Hollow apartment buildings on two consecutive nights. Police questioned the man after the first report and he told police that he missed his bus to Spring Valley. The following day he was found sleeping in the building next door. Police attempted to make contact with the man's relative to secure sleeping arragements. He was taken to police headquarters and then Phelps Memorial Hospital due to his apparent level of intoxication. 


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