POLL: Does Southeast Need Another Big-Box Store?

Tell us why or why not in the comments section below this post.

All the recent talk about Crossroads 312 proposal has left some residents throwing around a phrase that's often linked to controversy: Big-box store.

The plans call for a hotel and retail shops to sit on 52 acres of land in Southeast. The applicant——has yet to comment on potential tenants.

Still, a number of local folks are betting that at least one of the stores will be part of a well-known chain.

So, Brewster and Southeast residents, we're interested in hearing how you feel about big-box stores. If you're a community member, please consider taking our poll, and adding your thoughts in the comments section below.

r. September 26, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Rachel - you're absolutley right. People commenting here either dont have kids or are transplants from the city and dont mind hours worth of traffic. I dont like outsiders soming in and trying to change what we know and love. And if they dont love it, they can move. But we have enough morons speeding around like this is Central Ave in Yonkers and we need to remember there are a lot of kids in this small town going to school and not to put them at risk for a Target store for God's sake.
Jeffrey S. Chiara September 26, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Rachel, 84 as well as 684, 22 are all Nightmares. PERIOD.... The state needs to invest serious money to revamp those roads. Most of time if not all it usually involves those ramps around exits 19, 20 , 21. Most likely it was a tractor trailer rollover....22 needs to be widened as has been talked about for years...but nothing gets done....How about Prospect Road? Why has the MTA not replaced the Bridge there? That was a road that was use to help with traffic on 6 and 312 and North Brewster Road. Why not Get on the Town Boards and Village Boards case about that? I do think our Kids Safety is at risk here. Do they play in the Roads During Recess? I have kids also so....Do they walk to school? Right away with Cheap Deal and Cheap Goods. Really????? Which one of you will be the first ones to go a get a membership? LOL... ROFL..... Looking forward to seeing you all there.... LOL ROFL....Oh The HORROR.....AGONY, AGONY.....LOL...ROFL...HAHAHAHAH...
Ashley Tarr September 26, 2012 at 05:32 PM
As Kevin said earlier in this thread, please stick to comments of substance—ones that do not attack or belittle others. Also, please refrain from writing in capital letters, as that is often considered shouting on the internet. Civil, healthy discussion is the goal here.
r. September 26, 2012 at 06:25 PM
maybe you should pull the comments from Jeffrey Chiara and Joice since they violate the terms.
Southeaster October 06, 2012 at 06:57 PM
I don't know where you're getting your information from, but I know plenty of people who work or have worked in retail, including myself. Not one of them has or had a full-time job outside of management. Not one of them has or had a salaried job outside of management. Not one of them makes or made more than $13 an hour outside of management. Not one of them was or is able to choose their own hours. They were or are assigned hours by management. Not one of them was able to advance to management. Management jobs in retail can pay decent wages and have good benefits packages, but the majority of jobs in retail are sales assistant or stock room jobs, which are largely part-time with no benefits. White-collar positions have higher salaries and better benefits packages across the board. But nice try anyway.


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