Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Dragon Changes Local Fortunes

It's the Year of the Dragon! How will Rye and Rye Brook fare in Chinese New Year calendar?

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, today is Chinese New Year 4709 and the start of the year of the Dragon. Celebrations, like the one in New York City's Chinatown will take place through the end of the month.

Just for fun, what fortune does Chinese astrology forecast for the and the ?

Born January 1, 1942, the City of Rye is a Tiger born in the year of the Snake. The forecast is mixed for 2012 fortunes. While the forecast for money is neutral, career is unfavorable, and love is iffy. But maybe, with some diligence, the tide could turn.

For the Village of Rye Brook things are a bit brighter. Born July 7, 1982, Rye Brook is a Rabbit born in the year of the Dog. The forecast is iffy for health, neutral for money and love, and fair for career.

Do you know your Chinese Horoscope Sign? Just for fun, check it out here 

At the end of the day, just maybe we can make our own fortunes...


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