'Fly Super Ty Fly!'

The death of a 5-year-old boy, nuclear power, and Afghanistan are just some of the topics lighting up the Patch comments board.

Armstrong Leaves Livestrong; The Right Choice?

"Whatever Armstrong may have done as a cyclist, Livestrong has done tremendous good for a great many people afflicted with cancer and their families. He and the others involved with Livestrong provide substantial support and inspiration. Resigning as CEO is probably beneficial to Livestrong from a PR standpoint. It's too bad that it is so hard to separate the good and the bad, even in the same person. There are so many athletes whose personal lives are as messed up as their professional lives. Armstrong, in his personal life, has set a wonderful example." -- Richard Mendes

Should Boys Be Allowed to Play Girls' Sports?

"what about the rights of everyone else? When girls on the other teams joined, they expected to be playing against other girls. Rules are rules. High schools can't offer everything to everyone. Does every school have a swim team, ski team, etc? Or what about a certain academic interest that the school doesn't provide education for? This is life. Let's not turn it into discrimination." -- Brenda Hughes

Afghanistan Reality Will Not Bow to Presidential Politics

"Thnak you for you service Chris and all the others who have gone over there. We continue to keep making the same fundemaental mistake. We imagine that other coultures understand Democracy as we do. The don't. Many in these places have little eductaion and not exposed to modern thought or history." -- Bob Rohr

[POLL] Where Do You Stand on Nuclear Power?

"It would be a big mistake to close Indian Point. This facility provides hundreds of jobs, and pays millions of dollars in taxes. Also, it is a significant supplier of energy for the region and If it was forced to closed down our cost of energy would increase." -- Jim

"Westchester county government is a corrupt, bloated mess. I literally can't think of one service I benefit from for my county tax dollars." -- RyeDad

Ty Louis Campbell Loses Battle to Cancer at 5

"I have learned more about life since hearing of Ty's trying life. Makes you really put things in perspective and to stop looking at all the negativity in life. I can only hope his legacy teaches this to others. His life and memories will live on in the good that we've all learned from Ty's experiences. The world has lost a favorite superhero. Thoughts go out to his family." -- Hmmm

.... and ....

"Fly Super Ty Fly! You are an amazing little boy. You have mAde this world a better place. Seeing mud puddles and captain America, balloons, candy, has your beautiful smile written all over it! For me, every time I see those things I will know you are here watching over your family and all the other children going through the same battle. You are a blessing. Rest little Ty. . Lauren" -- Lauren

"I am an Italian American grandmother. I stand by what I said. Mr. Chamberain served our country in the U.S. Marines and had a long career as a corrections officer. Do not try to besmirch him now. Whatever happened that day, Mr. Chamberlain was agitated, but being taunted (especially with racial slurs) and harrassed in his own home was not the way to handle the elderly gentleman. The officers were out of line and the result is a tragedy." -- Rose


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