Blogs: Mitt vs. Barack; a Stirring Obituary

A recap of recent and popular blog posts in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

This week in Local Voices, a civil right lawyer and veteran newspaper man wax political—and that’s just on the topic of the Presidential Debates.

Robert Herbst—a Patch blogger and self-proclaimed "public policy junkie" as well as a civil right lawyer—is concise about his debate reaction.

"I am stunned," he pens. To read more of his thoughts on Wednesday's contest, click here.

Longtime journalist Art Gunther III also weighed in on the Romney and Obama facing off, but suggests the debate should have been held elsewhere.

"[It] should have been held in a deserted factory in Detroit, or on a New York City street corner where the homeless gather around fire in an old oil drum, or on an Afghanistan road where bombs take out our military, or in an overcrowded classroom," he writes.

Read the full blog here.

For the less wonky, Patch blogs this past week covered how children can succeed in school, and memorialized an iconic Lower Hudson Valley teacher who passed away at age 79.

And worth a read for parents and youngsters: "Grown and Flown" blogger Mary Dell sounds off on kids not exercising enough these days—and includes some startling stats.

"Today's youth could be the first generation in history not to outlive its parents' generation," she writes. "They are on track to have a life expectancy that is five years shorter."

Head here to join Dell's conversation.


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