Sandy Hub: Recovery and Restoration in Rye Area

All things recovery here. Please use the comments to share information with your neighbors and give a good picture of what is going on in different parts of Rye and Rye Brook.

Days after Super Storm Sandy slammed into the northeast and most Rye and Rye Brook residents still do not have electricity, school is still out and many roads remain closed. 

We have compiled all of our Sandy recovery and power restoration information here for you to contribute to and check frequently for updates. 

City officials say their DPW crews and Con Edison have been working closely to assess damage, clear debris and start putting Rye back on the grid. However, many residents report they have not seen any Con Edison trucks in their neighborhoods. We saw two Con Ed crews while out in Rye Brook and Rye Thursday. 

We ask you to please add your information in the comments to make this as comprehensive as possible. Let us know when you get power back, when your road opens up, or where you are seeing Con Edison trucks around town.

Con Edison Updates:

Con Ed: Expect 'Significant Progress' Over Next 2 Days

Astorino: Con Ed Has Not Diverted Resources Away from Westchester

Thousands Still Without Power in Rye Area

Con Ed: Restoration Underway; Dry Ice Distribution (Wed., Oct. 31)

Halloween Cancelled; Con Ed Update; Dry Ice; Green Waste Pickup (Tuesday, Oct. 30)



Places with Power and Internet in Rye Area


Rye City Updates:

Rye Schools Closed Friday; 600 Get Power; 17 Roads Cleared 

 (Tuesday, Oct. 30)

Hurricane Sandy: Rye Warns that Many Dangers Linger (Tuesday, Oct. 30)

Rye Officials Urge Residents to Stay Home (Tuesday, Oct. 30)


Rye Brook Updates:

Rye Brook Full Power Restoration Time: 8-10 Days

Post Storm Update from the Village of Rye Brook

Rye Brook Police: Do Not Trick or Treat Today


School Updates:

Blind Brook and Rye City schools have been closed all week. Blind Brook will be closed Friday. Rye City has not announced a Friday cancellation as of 12 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 1. 

dita von struedel van trappyodel November 01, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Again, our (Rye City) municipal workers have done a great job of removing downed trees. All streets are passable . So, CON ED, stop using this as an excuse! Stop assessing and get to work. Analysis = Paralysis.
Marie Magliano November 01, 2012 at 05:01 PM
2 meadowlark Road, rye brook, ny 10573 11 Kings park drive, rye brook, ny 10573 13 kings park drive, rye brook, ny 10573 no power
steelrosales November 02, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Elpaso electric crews coming your way to help out and get your power back on! I know times are tough and going thru alot but please be patient and kind these men are here to help in anyway possible! They are a great crew! Signed: an EPE WIFE


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