Post Storm Update from the Village of Rye Brook

Schools are closed and regular garbage pickup resumes tomorrow.

This is an important message from the Village of Rye Brook Police Department.  Restoration efforts are underway and most roads in Rye Brook are open but there are many areas where there are down power lines, trees and limbs.  Due to the numerous down power lines and trees there are still many areas where it is hazardous to walk or travel. For this reason, the village of Rye Brook Police Department is discouraging trick or treating this halloween.

Residents are reminded to stay away from down wires and to always assume they are live.  Fallen or hanging branches and trees can shift or move causing serious injuries.  Many intersections are without power and have no functioning traffic control.  Remember to observe the four-way stop at any intersection without a working traffic light.

Currently 78 percent of the village is without power.  Restoration will take significant time for Con Edison to complete as the primary focus is to restore critical infrastrcuture in the region.  If you are without power, you should notify Con edison at 1-800-75-coned even if your neighbor has done so. An emergency shelter is open at the Port Chester Senior High School.

Blind Brook and Port Chester schools are closed on October 31.  Regular Wednesday sanitation pick up will resume on October 31 excluding green waste.  In the event of an emergency dial 911.


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