[VIDEO] Easter Baskets at Candy Rox are Hopping

Rye sweet spot Candy Rox is filling more orders for custom baskets than the Easter Bunny can handle.

Manager Jen Magiet has her hands filled as customers come through Candy Rox on Purchase Street to select custom baskets filled with treats.

"They can pick out what they want to put in the baskets," Magiet said. "The big thing in Rye is gifts like headphones and things like that."

These aren't your old-fashioned baskets. In addition to nostalgic, traditional candy like Peeps and chocolate rabbits, novelty items like pajamas, jewelry, and rubber squeeze chicks are also popular.

Homemade treats like Rice Krispie bars and pretzel patties are also top selections.

Rye parent Joan Sullivan stopped by the store to get baskets for her three boys. The selection at Candy Rox is what made the store so attractive to her. Of course, she's just a helper, the Easter Bunny will bring her boys their baskets this weekend.


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