A Guide to Rye's Gluten-Free Goodies

Rye is home to many stores and eateries with options for those with gluten allergies.

Imagine not eating bread, pasta or cake. How about eating a hamburger without the bun?

Doesn't sound like to much fun, but this is the reality for people who suffer from celiac disease, a genetic disorder that affects one in every 133 Americans. People with the disease can't eat food that contains gluten, a product found in wheat.

With gluten allergies becoming more common, locals afflicted with celiac will be surprised to know there are many stores in Rye that cater to those who have this dietary need.

Purchase Street offers the widest variety of gluten-free goodies, with enough snacks and sandwiches to satisfy any hungry celiac sufferer.

Andy's Pure Food, 46 Purchase Street

Andy's Pure Food offers the best selection of gluten-free food in Rye and is probably one of the most accommodating eateries in Westchester. All of Andy's made-to-order sandwiches are organic and offered on gluten-free rolls or gluten-free tapioca bread. Options include the sundried tomato cheese sandwich or a juicy veggie burger. The vegan restaurant also offers gluten-free salads and smoothies. The best part about Andy's, however, is the variety of baked goods. Though not made by the store, Andy's offers a great variety of gluten-free baked goods including Glow gluten-free cookies, which are some of the tastiest chocolate chips on the market. This is huge for celiac sufferers because when you can't have gluten, a good cookie is very hard to find.

June & Ho, Starbucks, Rye Country Store, Yogo Joy

Other places to find gluten-free products on Purchase Street include Starbucks, June & Ho (La Maison Des Gourmet) and the Rye Country Store. Starbucks has several bins of gluten-free snacks including the very delicious Dr. Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies and Food Should Taste Good gluten-free chips. They also carry a variety of nuts, dark chocolate and Peeled dried fruit that are all gluten-free.

June & Ho carries Bob's Red Mill products, which are grains and baking mixes that are gluten-free. Bob's is one of the leading retailers of gluten-free baking products on the market. At the Rye Country Store you can also find Udi's gluten-free granola. Though not sold at this store, Udi's bread and muffins are worth the trip to Whole Foods.

Just around the corner from Purchase Street is Yogo Joy, which offers a sweet and healthy treat on a hot day. Their frozen yogurt is made from a gluten-free base and is sweetened with all natural fruit purees and syrups.

Piazza Pizzeria, 520 Milton Road

Piazza Pizzeria offers a gluten-free menu. This is a real treat for those who can't digest gluten because most Italian food contains some sort of wheat product. This pizzeria considers itself to be a "gluten free whole wheat headquarters," according to their yellow pages listing.

Other Rye Eateries

Celiac sufferers can also take advantage of the sushi options in Rye such as Koo and China Garden. Just watch out for the soy sauce!

Several restaurants such as Koo, Watermoon and Ruby's Oyster Bar, don't have gluten-free options are listed on their menu, but ask that those who suffer from food allergies notify the wait staff so accommodations can be made. In many cases, a change of sauce can make a meal gluten-free.

For more information on Celiac Disease check out www.celiac.org the website for the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Dominick Nizza September 03, 2010 at 06:48 PM
Thank you Lisa, for the Gluten post. This 89 year old celiac almost bit the bullet 25 years ago, when I dropped to 110 lbs and my doctor and others did not know how to treat it. So, we all learned together....! 1. The disease, in my case and others, is hereditary... so, advise other members of your family, as I did, and found several that were having "food problem" were discovered to be Celiacs and were treated. 2. I can now go on and off a Celiac diet with some success. 3. I'm lucky and can drink some "Rum" and orange juice and some light Italian wines. 4. Don't go crazy, stick with those doctors to find a solution for "you"! .... Stay well this week-end! Dom
Natalie September 21, 2010 at 04:01 PM
Al Dente's also has gluten-free pizza. It's delicious! I work in Rye and am tempted to have pizza everyday for lunch because of them!
Sarah Goshman November 10, 2010 at 06:01 PM
If you go to Koo and forget to bring your own soy sauce, there's a bottle of Tamari behind the bar - tell them Sarah sent you. (It's my own personal stash.)


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