Sustainable Playland Adds Two New Board Members

Sustainable Playland is increasing their Board of Directors.

Playland/Patch File Photo
Playland/Patch File Photo

Sustainable Playland Inc. (SPI) which has been selected to manage Westchester County’s historic Playland Park has announced two new additions to its Board of Directors, Patricia A. Schofield of New Rochelle and Laura Blackman of Yonkers.


Schofield is the Business Manager of Propact LLC, she oversees all business facets of operations and financial management, while facilitating new business initiations and charitable endeavors.


Blackman, is an attorney with more than twenty years of public and private sector legal experience.


“We are pleased to have two new board members with the background and experience of Patricia and Laura,” said Kim Morque, President of SPI.  “As we continue to move toward implementation of the Playland Improvement Plan and the myriad of elements involved in the transition from County to SPI management of this important cultural and community asset, we are fortunate to have a board comprised of talented individuals representing a range of professions and communities from across Westchester.”


County Executive Rob Astorino selected SPI from among a dozen respondents to his Request for Proposals to Re-invent Playland for the 21st Century. 

SPI expects to phase into the management of the park this year and to assume full management responsibilities in 2015. The restoration of revitalization of the park will be done over several years.

Deirdre Curran January 26, 2014 at 09:26 PM
Guess SPI was getting a little worried about all the noise local residents have been making about the myriad of environmental issues and the SEQR process....check out new Board Member Laura Blackman's Linked-In profile...wonder why they didn't mention this in their press release?-----------http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=146796417&authType=NAME_SEARCH&authToken=5lYI&locale=en_US&srchid=258898261390789362025&srchindex=2&srchtotal=24&trk=vsrp_people_res_name&trkInfo=VSRPsearchId%3A258898261390789362025%2CVSRPtargetId%3A146796417%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary
Deirdre Curran January 26, 2014 at 09:34 PM
Can anyone tell me exactly what this "Propact LLC" company that Patricia Scofield works for does? I tried Google-ing it. Comes up under a whole lot of marketing directories with profiles that have no information other than their location and phone number. No web site. Ahhhhhh...details details details.
Deirdre Curran January 27, 2014 at 07:54 AM
This just keeps getting more interesting. I tried calling the phone number listed in all these online directories for "Propact LLC" supposedly located at 106 North Broadway in Irvington (just up the road from 381 N. Broadway, which is the street address for Kykuit - a Rockefeller property, now open to public and quite a lovely place to visit) and guess who's voice mail I went directly into when I dialed 914-241-9403? Nelson Rockefeller Jr's voice mail, that's who. Nothing about Propact, or a switchboard, or anything like that. Directly into "Nelson Rockefeller is not available at the moment". So, we know this group already has their George Pataki political appointees (Rob Balanchandran and now Laura Blackman), but apparently SPI has also quietly (and without any crass name dropping) gotten the ROCKEFELLERS involved in this mess? What in Sam Hill is going on here? Grass roots citizens organization my patootie.
Deirdre Curran January 27, 2014 at 09:07 AM
Oh, LOOK! I finally found some info on "Propact LLC" and what they do. I can't make heads or tails of the "corporate-ese" jargon, so I read it three times and still could not tell you what they DO, but here it is. Under, guess what? NELSON ROCKEFELLER JR'S LINKED IN PROFILE!--------------copy and paste this link into your browser and then explain to me all about how SPI is an "aw shucks" group of concerned local citizens who formed a grass roots committee of altruistic volunteers to form an underfunded non-profit in an attempt to save the beloved park from real estate developers.-------------http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=8342700&authType=NAME_SEARCH&authToken=ZNbz&locale=en_US&srchid=258898261390831410839&srchindex=1&srchtotal=3&trk=vsrp_people_res_name&trkInfo=VSRPsearchId%3A258898261390831410839%2CVSRPtarg


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