Dogs are allowed on the beach!

Dog owners can now take a walk on the beach with their pets.

Dogs running on the beach.
Dogs running on the beach.

It might be winter to us, but to our furry little four legged friends, it’s the start of beach time for them. Rye Beach is open from December to April for dogs to take a walk on the beach or splish splash in the water.

  Dogs need to stay on their leash until they enter the gate off the Rye Boardwalk.  Please follow all rules pertaining to your dog. This treat for your furry friends comes from the Rye Newcomers and Neighbors’ Club.


Deirdre Curran December 12, 2013 at 07:08 AM
The problem is that the morning after Election Day they decided to finally start work on the damaged Boardwalk and the Ice Rink roof. Because they are doing a really extensive renovation of the Boardwalk, it is now closed off and the beach is too. They are doing a lot of work on the underpinnings of the boardwalk as well as replacing the wood walkway up top. All very necessary, but we've lost most of the access. There *is* still a small area of beach open for the dogs at the far end of the boardwalk down by the walkway that leads over to Rye Town Park. If you park in the Pool lot and walk down, you can get in through the very last gate on the beach. There are no lights during dark early morning and evening hours because the boardwalk electricals had to be turned off during the construction project. I'm hearing it should be completed by the end of January at the latest, provided we don't get a ton of bad weather that hampers things. It's good to see them finally getting this taken care of, and we're all looking forward to a great new boardwalk and full beach to run the dogs on asap.


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