Free Housing Counseling for Seniors Under Financial Stress

Many seniors have trouble affording their housing costs and are unaware of the free services available to them. This includes seniors who are behind on taxes and don’t realize they could lose their home to property tax foreclosure.

Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc. (WRO), a HUD-certified not-for-profit housing agency in White Plains, offers free counseling to seniors. The senior housing assistance program includes tax foreclosure counseling, helping senior homeowners to remain in their homes and to retain their equity.

Although there are government programs that help with mortgage default, they don’t assist homeowners in property tax default.  WRO is the only housing agency in Westchester that does property tax foreclosure counseling.

“Our counselors utilize all tools at their disposal to resolve older adults’ tax arrears,” Jane Lindau, Director of Senior Housing, explains. When the home isn’t affordable, WRO helps the homeowner transition into rental housing.

Additionally, WRO works with seniors to identify tax exemptions and benefit programs that they aren’t currently claiming or participating in. WRO provides seniors with listings of senior rental apartments with subsidized rents. Also, WRO matches seniors who want to supplement their income by renting out a room in their home with renters who are trying to find a room to live in.

If you or anyone you know can benefit from these programs or is having a hard time paying their property taxes or mortgage, contact Jane Lindau at (914) 428-4507 x313 or jlindau@wr


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